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Mar 11, 2018 - 1 minute read - Comments - humblebrag

Self-Hosting for Dummies

Big brother got you down? Github being offline stopping you from getting work done? Host these things yourself so when they break you can only blame yourself.

This is a very short blog post just to make note of a few things I run in my garage which help me disconnect from the all-knowing cloud service providers on the interwebs. I encourage anyone who has an interest in self-hosting to learn more about these applications, Docker, and visit the self-hosted reddit && homelab reddit.

I self-host all of these services myself on Docker, except for Openflixr, which runs on a dedicated VM. I have a Dell r815 w/ 256gb RAM and disk shelves running in my garage that runs the following (and more):

  • pfSense - Free (and powerful) router replacement
  • FreeNAS - Free network file system OS
  • Nextcloud - Google Drive replacement
  • Bitwarden - Lastpass/Onepass replacement
  • Collabora Online - Google Docs replacement (integrates with Nextcloud)
  • Openflixr - Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu/etc replacement
  • Gitlab - Github/Bitbucket replacement
  • Mailcow - Google Mail replacement

With the exception of some of the services which run in Openflixr, these are all free and relatively popular open-source applications that you can run yourself. Try it, it’s fun (until they break).